Intense Pulse Light (IPL) – What’s It Actually?

What is an Intense Pulse Light?

IPL, Intense Pulse LightIntense pulse light, abbreviated and usually known as IPL, is a relatively new method of hair removal, using optics and xenon lamps. The term “intense pulsed light” is actually very literal. It is only just light in high intensities, targeted at a skin area to kill hair follicles and prevent hair from growing back.

IPL may seem really simple, but a lot of people are still left with a question: what is an intense pulse light, what is IPL, and how exactly does it do it?

Melanin is a natural substance which gives color to the skin. The light is shone through the area, and it will get caught by the hair. But as light is almost always attracted to dark colors, the light which is produced by the process is more attracted to the follicles and the light will then go down to them. The energy from the light is so intense that it kills the cells that make hair growth possible. The high frequency light destroys these follicles and, as a result, gives the same result as laser hair removal procedures.

However, like the laser treatments for hair removal, intense pulse light is something that is down over a long period of time. The whole process is comprised of sessions, and without these sessions one can never be truly free from the unsightly hair that one might wish to get rid of.

Intense pulse light might not be as popular as laser hair removal, but it definitely is something that is always worth watching out for. The process is much faster too, as the light produced from IPL covers a bigger skin area than a laser does, which means that you might get to spend less.

IPL is a new hair removal treatment that you can go ahead and try, and it is considered safe especially when done by skin care professionals and trained specialists.